Marilyn Tribute - My love for Marilyn began as a child. She is to me the only blonde bombshell. No one will ever compare to MM.


2019 Fashion Illustration Look-book. 


Short tour of Amsterdam - I haven't been unfortunately to this city. I decided to draw this city in the hope one day I will get to visit the city famous for Tulips!


News is I love you!!! A little video I did for my Instagram/and to celebrate Valentines Day.

Sweet Treats - After a trip to London. I treated myself to a box of delicious Laduree macarons. They were so sweet and delicious and I am certain they were telling me to eat more. I imagined they were luring me and blowing kisses, to tempt me to eat them! My excuse for eating too many! 

Liza Tribute - Life is a Caberet! A true star.

Dior Bag Edit - A trip to Paris at The Waldorf/Trianon Palace Versailles. We would catch the train to Paris each day from Versailles and visit all the sights and arrive back at the most beautiful hotel in the grounds of Chateau de Versailles. I remember sitting eating afternoon tea and doodling on my Dior gift bag. It was the afternoon we visited the Dior Exhibition in Paris 2017.

Marilyn Zoom! Cute Kisses from MM - A kiss on the hand may be quite continental but diamonds are a girl's best friend! 

Palm Springs. Holiday 2018 Southern California. A video I took on our road trip, and edited in Adobe After Effects.

John Lennon - The world will live as one.